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Eva Rizzardi

Eva was born in Italy, grew up in Southern Switzerland and before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1982, she lived in the northern region of Germany. In 1994, she achieved her Associates Degree in Fine Arts, which has broadened her horizons.

She loves colors; she is constantly exploring unlimited combinations. Richness and vibrancy of colors are the identifying mark of her work. More recently, she has been developing her skill in the stark contrast of black and white with etchings, aquatints, and mezzotints. Printmaking is an especially keen skill that combines and blends several techniques. For Eva it is rewarding as well as a sometimes frustrating experience, but she loves the challenge.

Eva's work has been accepted and won awards and recognitions in numerous competitions for years, and she had several one-person exhibitions. Her work is part of many private and corporate collections, including collectors in Canada and Europe.

Major awards include:
  • LUWA Corporation in 1990 and LCI Corporation in 1995 acquired "Dogwood Glance" and "Magnolia" for their private collection and both have been taken into a limited edition prints for their clients.
  • In 2000, Speedball Art Products Co. awarded Eva the "Printmaking Choice Award," "Making and Impression; printmaking Brought Forward."
  • In 1995, 2000, and 2001 she was awarded with Certificates of National Merit by the League for Innovation in Community College.
  • 2009, First place "Art on the Green" Davidson, North Carolina.
Eva provides demonstrations and lectures on the monotype technique and linoleum/wood carving. Her creativity flourishes in the studio; her work continues to evolve because of her constantly renewed inspiration.

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